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The Flats – Urban Redevelopment

The Flats – Urban Redevelopment

With a mission to promote the stabilization of neighborhoods, the prevention of urban blight, and to develop affordable housing within the City of Wilmington, the Todmorden Foundation announced the $100 million plan to redevelop The Flats neighborhood on the West side of Wilmington in the vicinity of Union and Fourth Streets. The community will include 450 residential units to be redeveloped in phases as a multi-year project.

Landmark was part of a multidisciplinary design team committed to maintaining the historic feel and character of this community originally envisioned by William P. Bancroft over a century ago to house mill workers, artisans, and other people of modest means. Bancroft Parkway traverses the Flats providing a greenway that originally allowed mill workers and families to walk from their homes to Rockford Park and the mills along the Brandywine River.

Landmark provided design features that previously did not exist, such as off-street parking and stormwater management facilities, and the addition of ADA accessible units and accessible routes throughout the community. Landmark provided all planning and design, including surveys, environmental services, civil engineering site design, permits and agency processing, and construction-phase services for the demolition of 420 low-income housing units and the phased redevelopment of 450 units. Todmorden partnered with Woodlawn Trustees, Inc. and HDC MidAtlantic on this extensive project that utilized Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).

Environmental Services

Conducted pre-demolition and post-demolition assessments and inspections including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Audits, and sampling for lead in water; coordinated radon gas sampling, radon mitigation installations, asbestos surveys, and documentation of removal by qualified contractors; and assisted construction management team in completing HUD forms for financial aid. Services for the multi-phased project are ongoing.

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