Construction Support

Construction support services provided by Landmark’s staff include a wide range of construction-phase and post-construction-phase services to successfully complete public- and private-sector site and land development construction projects. These construction support services include, but are not limited to, those detailed below:

Construction-Phase Services

  • Certified Construction Review (CCR)
  • Construction Administration, shop drawing review, contractor RFI
  • Stakeout of site, utilities, building, curbs, foundations, steel, bolts, etc.
  • Wetland Mitigation construction oversight and plantings
  • Bog Turtle construction monitoring

Post Construction-Phase Services

  • SWM As-Built Survey and Review for design compliance
  • As-Built Surveys of site, SWM, foundations, sanitary sewer, as required
  • Set survey monuments for ROW and other property markers, as required by the Record Plan
  • Wetland mitigation monitoring

Construction-Phase Services

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As-Built Surveys

Landmark’s land surveyors will perform as-built surveys for foundations, pilings, utilities, curbs, and anchor bolts, as requested.

As-Built Stormwater Management (SWM) Facility Surveys

Landmark’s land surveyors will perform a stormwater management (SWM) as-built survey and the engineering staff will review for design compliance.

Certified Construction Review (Erosion & Sediment Control)

Most construction projects in the state of Delaware are required by the State to have both an approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and an approved Stormwater Management Plan. A Certified Construction Reviewer (CCR) is required to monitor the construction and operation of these sediment and stormwater facilities for the duration of the project. The CCR must have a current State of Delaware, Sediment and Stormwater Management Certification to provide these services.

It is the responsibility of the owner/developer to provide a CCR on required sites, and the responsibility of the contractor to construct necessary controls and to communicate and cooperate with the CCR and DNREC or the delegated agency under established guidelines.

The CCR performs weekly sediment and stormwater reviews of the site and documents the findings in a specified report format. These weekly reports are reviewed by a registered and licensed supervisory Delaware Professional Engineer (PE) before forwarding to the appropriate monitoring agency. The CCR can work with you to avoid potential shutdowns due to non-compliance.

Relevant documents include: Chapter 12, Surface Water Management Code (New Castle County), Section 12 of the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations (revisions effective Feb. 2019), appropriate Stormwater Management Facility Construction Checklist(s), Pond Code 378, as amended for Delaware (USDA Soil Conservation Service), and additional technical and administrative guidelines and requirements may be required by the monitoring agency(s).

Construction Layout Services

Landmark’s land surveyors are experienced with providing accurate stakeout of the site, stormwater BMPs, utilities, building, foundations, steel/anchor bolts, etc.

Construction Administration Services

Landmark staff provides construction administration assistance including, but not limited to: preparation, submission, and follow up on required permits, interface with technical review agencies, preparation of construction cost estimates and construction documents, bidding assistance, review of shop drawings and material product submittals for compliance with project specifications, and contractor RFI services.

Bog Turtle Habitat Construction Monitoring

Landmark staff includes a Qualified Recognized Bog Turtle Surveyor certified to lead Phases I-III Bog Turtle Investigations in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Often agencies require construction monitoring in lieu of, or in addition to, investigations. Landmark’s Bog Turtle Surveyor and approved assistants have extensive experience providing construction monitoring and additional population monitoring studies including radio-telemetry.

Stormwater Facility Inspections & Maintenance

Landmark provides engineering and habitat design for all of your stormwater facilities, and can also assist municipal and private property owners, property managers and civic/HOAs with their stormwater pond maintenance, and with semi-annual inspections of underground stormwater facilities at commercial properties, as required by New Castle County.

By identifying deficiencies early and performing routine maintenance, you can prolong the life of your facilities, protect from flooding, save money and avoid costly Violation Notices.

Comprehensive stormwater inspection and maintenance services:

  • Assist with Semi-Annual Inspections, maintenance, and certified annual reports for sub-surface stormwater facilities at commercial properties
  • Regular Inspections to prevent future problems with wet and dry ponds, BMPs, and constructed wetlands
  • Corrective measures for facilities’ structural failures
    • Landscape management
    • Sediment and erosion control
    • Invasive and nuisance species control
    • Retrofit, modification and engineering
  • Buffer zone design and management
  • Wetland mitigation design and construction
  • Municipal compliance assistance
    • MS4 permitting and reporting
    • Maintenance and compliance planning
  • Grant applications and municipal compliance

Wetland Mitigation Construction Oversight

Landmark’s wetland specialists will provide wetland mitigation plan report and design. During construction, staff will continue to assist with the wetland creation project by providing construction oversight and plant installation or supervision of the plant installation.

Wetland Mitigation Monitoring

Landmark’s wetland specialists will perform post-construction monitoring of the hydrologic conditions and success of the habitat and wildlife for the mitigation site. Coordination and reporting will be conducted with the appropriate agencies.