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Newark Charter School (K-8)

Newark Charter School (K-8)

The Newark Charter elementary school was constructed in two phases, beginning with all site infrastructure and the 58,600 square foot middle school (grades 5-8). Phase II for the 73,500 square foot elementary (K-4) school was completed as a design-build project and included a 5-acre parcel added via a record resubdivision plan to replace a multipurpose field needed for the second school building.

Landmark performed master site planning for the two-school campus on a 19.8-acre site constrained by Elkton Road, Christina Parkway, and Amtrak. Site access from Elkton Road was separated by wetlands that could not be disturbed. Due to a Christina River crossing, wetlands, and a 100-year flood line, the site presented the need for an integrated approach to address stormwater management and wetlands mitigation, while meeting the schools’ needs for two schools, parking and playground areas and multi-purpose fields. A portion of the site containing a Christina River crossing (4.39 acres) was conveyed to the City of Newark. The buildings, parking lots and road cover only 3.7 acres, with 16 acres of the site remaining green. For the essential crossing into the site, a precast arch bridge was constructed to span the environmentally sensitive area — hence, no special permitting was required, saving time and expense.


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