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I-95 Delaware Welcome Center

I-95 Delaware Welcome Center

The State’s only rest stop, the Delaware Welcome Center, is located along the highly travelled section of the interstate highway system between New Jersey and Maryland on a confined site in the middle of eight lanes of traffic. It was the last dedication in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy before his assassination on November 22 of that same year. The new 43,000 square foot facility was redesigned, razed, and rebuilt in a record 10 months and reopened by July 4, 2010 for holiday travelers.

The state-of-the art facility earned LEED Silver certification by the USGBC. Landmark designed a complete stormwater management system for the highly impervious site where no storrmwater control previously existed. The system provides quality and some quantity control for runoff into a nearby creek via a combination of green technology BMPs that include 12 bioretention basins and five underground stormwater filtration systems. Features designed by others included geothermal wells for the HVAC system, anti-idling systems for the truckers, photovoltaic panels, waterless urinals and low-flow water fixtures, hi-efficiency glass and low VOC paints and finishes, high recycle content and local materials, and the CM mandated jobsite recycling plan and mechanical system commissioning.

Landmark’s work included civil engineering, stormwater management BMPs, erosion and sediment control, agency processing, and construction stakeout of the main Welcome Center building, Sunoco building, canopies and tank pads. Construction-phase services also included stormwater as-built surveys, underground utilities, and certified construction review.

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