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Christina Waterfront Brownfield

Christina Waterfront Brownfield

Landmark was contracted by the owner to provide DNREC HSCA Brownfield Redevelopment planning for the 6-acre (Jablow) site, DNREC negotiations, investigation, and cleanup oversight. The engineering work performed included regrading and clean up of an existing contaminated ditch and erosion and sediment control to ensure that contaminated materials did not reach the Christina River, a sensitive tidal estuary. The engineering also featured the design and installation of a multi-chamber oil/water/sediment device used to manage all storm water from the site as it flows to the Christina River.

Landmark’s integrated science and engineering team moved this former salvage yard and waterfront Brownfield site from intensive waste disposal with large volumes of waste oil, battery disposal, solvent disposal, thousands of waste oil tanks and containers of unknown materials and UST remediation to current status as a highly valuable developable property on South Market Street.

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