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Craig S. Smith
Craig Smith

Craig S. Smith

Craig Smith is a registered Professional Wetland Scientist and Maryland DNR-Qualified Forest Professional with 40 years of comprehensive environmental and construction experience. Since 1992 years he has managed and performed environmental investigations including wetland and forest stand delineations, wetland mitigation design, construction oversight and monitoring, wetland permitting, forest conservation plans and reforestation plans. He conducts NEPA environmental assessments, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, regional Phase I and Phase II Bog Turtle surveys, groundwater infiltration testing, Delaware Coastal Zone permitting, and has managed numerous brownfields and other hazardous site remediation projects.

Mr. Smith has supervised the cleanup and removal of buried debris pits in residential communities and removal of underground fuel storage tanks on commercial properties. Mr. Smith has completed several Delaware DNREC Brownfields sites that included a USEPA-approved PCB cleanup, and several that have required Nationwide Permits (NWP 38 and other) permits from the USACE. Mr. Smith has worked with numerous other local, state and federal agencies including PADEP, MDE, DWSA, USFWS, FHA, and USDA. Mr. Smith has experience in media sample collections for various contaminants, interpretation of lab results and risk assessments, and issuing Cleanup Work Plans and Reports, Interim Action Plans, Conceptual Site Models and Site Summaries, and site-specific Health & Safety Plans in accordance with DNREC regulations.

Mr. Smith earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management (Cum Laude) from Drexel University. He is a volunteer for the Delaware Invasive Species Council and has volunteered at the Food Bank of Delaware. He previously assisted with monthly collections and analyses of surface water samples at ShoreRivers, Town of Betterton, Maryland, where he and his wife reside.

“The environmental services we provide for our clients are seldom routine; most projects have some sort of unique or unusual circumstances that require research, field investigations, or just a little creative thinking or problem-solving which keeps our line of work interesting.”

Craig S. Smith

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