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Darlington Library

Darlington Library

Darlington Library
The new Darlington Library has entrances from both the Routes 1 and 136 sides of the property.

Library Redevelopment & Conversion

Landmark Science & Engineering was hired to work as subconsultant to Harford County’s project architect to provide planning and site design services for the redevelopment and conversion of an existing bank building into a new Harford County Public Library facility. The new Darlington Library is situated at the intersection of Routes 1 and 136 and has entrances on both sides. A short walking trail was designed to provide a safe, pedestrian connection from the library parking lot to “The Grove” on the adjacent property.

Darlington Library outdoor firepit
The new Harford County Public Library’s Darlington branch features an outdoor fireplace and patio area.

The library includes an attractive outdoor fireplace and patio area for the pubic’s enjoyment. Landmark completed work for this project under Open-End Harford County Architectural and Engineering Contract No. 17-027.

Scope of Work

Landmark provided topographic and perimeter surveys, SHA entrance evaluation, site layout, stormwater management design, grading, and review of on-site sanitary disposal system (septic system), and processed agency approvals. Site plans were prepared for site layout, grading, and landscape design for the library facility, which also included a short walking trail. A stormwater facility as-built survey was completed in 2023. The site work for this project was designed concurrently with the architectural plans prepared by Colimore Architects.

Darlington Library Trail to The Grove
Walking trail leading from the new library to The Grove.

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