TID: a NCC Economic Development Tool

A Win for Economic Development

New Castle County Council met on May 28, 2019. They passed an ordinance that enables New Castle County and the Delaware Department of Transportation to create Transportation Districts. Ordinance 19-005 provides guidelines for New Castle County and DelDOT, along with County Council, to create Transportation Improvement Districts. The intention of a TID is to promote economic development.

Transportation Improvement District (TID) Analysis

The TID analysis will identify transportation improvements that will be required to support future development identified within the TID. The analysis will also identify costs to complete the recommended improvements. DelDOT will pay for 50% of the improvements and the development(s) will pay the remaining amount based on projected traffic from the development(s). 

Traffic Impact Study (TIS)

Under the current system, large projects typically undergo Traffic Impact Studies. A TIS identifies failing intersections or road segments, with improvements to be fully funded by development for the project to proceed forward. In accordance with current standards, a TIS will still be required outside of the TID.

Commonsense Legislation

County Executive Matt Meyer stated that “Under existing traffic rules, areas across New Castle County are stuck with congestion that is only getting worse. If we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting. Thank you to the leaders on County Council who voted for common-sense legislation that forces every developer to pay their fair share to improve the flow of traffic in areas that we as a community designate.” The County Executive has walked a tight line between encouraging economic development and concerns about traffic.