Joseph C. Marvasi P.E.

Joseph C. Marvasi, P.E.

Joseph C. Marvasi P.E. has been certified by the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers as a Professional Engineer (P.E.). He is now a registered P.E. in the state of Delaware, working in Landmark’s Newark office on our clients’ important land development projects in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. BCE and MCE Degrees Joseph C. Marvasi P.E. […]

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Marvasi and Math of Numbers thru Variables. Huh?

Algebra. We’ve all known someone who struggled with it, right? But just knowing there are people out there for whom algebra comes easily is a huge relief to the rest of us! So what is Algebra? It is a branch of mathematics that deals in representing numbers through variables, and also deals with symbols, relations, […]

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