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Whitewood Village

Whitewood Village

Whitewood Village is a 209-unit residential, townhome community on a 164.6-acre parcel on Reybold Road in Bear, Delaware. Landmark provided planning, civil engineering site design, surveying and environmental services for the development of the residential subdivision.

Landmark’s work included design of stormwater management BMPs, environmental sciences including an inventory of natural resources and preparation of a Wetland Mitigation Plan. The on-site compensatory mitigation was required due to the community’s impact on 0.84 acres of isolated wetlands. To mitigate for the impacts, two forested/scrub-shrub wetlands totaling 0.99 acres (a 1.2:1 mitigation ratio) will be created on a portion of the property set aside for preservation with vegetative species native to Delaware. Permitting was coordinated through New Castle County. The Record Plan has been recorded and on-site construction plans are approved.

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