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Promenade at Christiana

Promenade at Christiana

Landmark provided all planning and design for a 424,500 square foot retail shopping center with 18,000 square feet for restaurants on a 101-acre site that is located on Eagle Run Road, adjacent to NB Interstate-95 and SR 273, Newark. The western half of the property was a former manufacturing facility that was later used as a storage and retail business. Landmark Scientists performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, a wetland delineation, a forest stand delineation and additional site remediation-related services on the property for the developer who planned to demolish the existing facility and redevelop the site as a large commercial retail center.

As part of the project, a one-mile extension of Eagle Run Road, including coordination of two bridges with client’s bridge consultant, and upgrades to the existing one-mile section from SR 273, was designed by Landmark’s engineering, water resources, environmental sciences, and surveying staff.

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