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Promenade at Christiana

Promenade at Christiana

Landmark provided all planning and design for a 424,500 square foot retail shopping center with 18,000 square feet for restaurants on a 101-acre site that is located on Eagle Run Road, adjacent to northbound Interstate 95 and SR 273. The western half of the property was a former manufacturing facility that was later used as a storage and retail business.

As the design for the proposed development evolved, and the existing structure was razed and the surrounding pavements were removed, DelDOT required the developer to include the construction of a connector road to connect two existing state highways to provide better access to the development, and serve as a grid road in the Churchmans Crossing area adjacent to I-95. View Eagle Run Road profile for more information.

Landmark provided all roadway design, environmental and engineering for stream crossings and coordination for two bridges with the owner’s bridge consultant and DelDOT, and designed both on-site and off-site wetland mitigation areas.

Environmental Services

Landmark Scientists performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, a wetland delineation, forest stand delineation and additional site remediation-related services on the property for the developer who planned to demolish the existing facility and redevelop the site as a large commercial retail center. Two compensatory forested wetland mitigation areas were designed as a condition of the NWP 39. See Wetland Mitigation profile for more information.

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