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“Jennersville Loop” Bog Turtle Surveys

“Jennersville Loop” Bog Turtle Surveys

Comprehensive bog turtle survey services were provided for the “Jennersville Loop” natural gas pipeline expansion project in which Eastern Shore Natural Gas installed approximately eight miles of new natural gas pipeline in Penn, New London, and Londonderry Townships, Chester County Pennsylvania in 2018.

8 Miles and 34 Wetlands

The services provided by Landmark Scientists included Phase I Bog Turtle Investigations for all 34 wetlands within the Project Area and obtaining agency concurrence of the results, Phase II and Phase III (Trapping) Bog Turtle Investigations within two wetlands, and leading of the required Bog Turtle Construction Monitoring for six wetlands containing potential Bog Turtle habitat.

Construction Monitoring using Radio Telemetry

The Construction Monitoring portion of the project included the development and execution of a Bog Turtle Protection Plan, agency coordination, population monitoring through radio-telemetry and Phase II surveys, and coordinating the team of Bog Turtle Surveyors needed to provide construction monitoring in several wetlands simultaneously. The Bog Turtle Construction Monitoring required significant agency, client, and team coordination prior to, during, and following project completion, which Landmark successfully provided.

Biological and Project Management Expertise

The Construction Monitoring portion of the project lasted approximately six months where Landmark ensured that all six wetlands were adequately covered at the necessary times, despite challenges such as the ever-changing schedules of several different pipeline construction crews working simultaneously, and that the clients and regulatory agencies remained well informed throughout the project. The successful execution of the Jennersville Loop Bog Turtle Construction Monitoring is a testament to Landmark’s biological and project management expertise.

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