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La Grange Residential

La Grange Residential

LaGrange Residential
LaGrange mixed-residential subdivision

La Grange is a residential development that extends along the  LaGrange Parkway from Pulaski Highway (US Route 40) into a densely wooded area that backs to the Muddy Run Creek in Glasgow, Delaware.

The subdivision includes 227 lots featuring a mix of single family homes and two types of twin dwellings.

Scope of Services

LaGrange Residential Twin Dweling
LaGrange twin/duplex homes

Landmark Science & Engineering performed all planning, civil engineering and site design, surveying, environmental services including wetland, forest and habitat studies, utilities, roadway improvements, permits and agency processing through construction-phase services. To bring water utility lines to the project site, the jack & bore method was utilized to cross the US Route 40 dual highway.

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