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Crooked Billet Subdivision

Crooked Billet Subdivision

Crooked Billet Site Rendering
Site rendering by Dewson Construction

Crooked Billet is a 28-acre historical property located on Kennett Pike (SR 52) to the east of Barley Mill Road (SR 141), adjacent to Westover Hills, near Greenville, Delaware. The property was deeded by William Penn in 1684 and later became an inn. In 1777 George Washington and his army stayed there before the Battle of the Brandywine. In 1811 Crooked Billet became a farm which was passed on to the DuPont family in 1854.

Crooked Billet Historic Marker
A historical plaque at the entrance to Crooked Billet, describes the history of the property which was deeded by William Penn in 1684.

Landmark was hired by the owner/developer to provide planning and design to subdivide the site to create residential lots. In an effort to protect the integrity of the mansion, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Record Major Subdivision Plan created three separate subdivisions composed of 19 homes for 55+, an estate home and seven custom homes in Westover Hills, Section F.

Delaware Public Archive Historical Marker
Historical background from the Delaware Public Archives.

Additional challenges facing the project included preservation of 21 Specimen Trees, young forest preservation, historical context and viewsheds, access needs, and sound mitigation modeling. This project was one of the initial projects required by DelDOT to perform a complete noise analysis to assess potential impacts and required mitigation.

Westover Hills

In the first subdivision adjacent to Westover Hills, a 6.5+/- acre subdivision called Westover Hills, Section F was designed to emulate the existing homes within that community. The principal challenge was to create the 7- lot subdivision pursuant to the current Land Use Code (Unified Development Code) within the current zoning while honoring the lot configurations of the existing adjacent subdivision.

Historic Dwelling/Estate Parcel

The second subdivision was to segregate the historic home and adjacent lands on a 3.25+/- acre parcel to create a sizeable preserve that emulated the feel of the original estate grounds.

Crooked Billet

The third subdivision was an age-restricted 19-lot community tailored to specific development standards while still respecting the character of the surrounding communities. The Crooked Billet subdivision, on 18.1+/- acres, has 19 age-restricted (55+) single family residential lots, lining two side of Brindley Way, a new public street with its entrance on Kennett Pike.

Penns Grant

A Minor Subdivision Plan was subsequently prepared for the subdivision of Lot 29 into three single family residential lots that are accessible from Brindley Way.

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