Marvasi and Math of Numbers thru Variables. Huh?

Algebra. We’ve all known someone who struggled with it, right? But just knowing there are people out there for whom algebra comes easily is a huge relief to the rest of us!

So what is Algebra? It is a branch of mathematics that deals in representing numbers through variables, and also deals with symbols, relations, functions, and equations.

Answering the Call

Joseph Corrado Marvasi, a civil engineering designer with Landmark Science & Engineering, answered the call from Delaware Technical Community College. When Delaware Tech said they needed Adjunct Instructors, Joe took his newly minted Masters in Civil Engineering (MCE) degree to the Stanton Campus and signed on to teach MAT 180 – College Algebra this fall.

MAT 180 includes the algebra of functions, graphs and applications, absolute value equations and inequalities, polynomial, rational, radical, quadratic and piecewise functions, and the application of basic right triangle trigonometry. For some, this would leave your head spinning.

Sharing the Value of Learning

Joe says that “teaching is in my nature,” and that he was influenced by his mother who was a career teacher before retiring. He tutored in Delaware Tech’s Mathematics Department back in 2008-09 when he was a student there and said that he “enjoys sharing the value of learning with others.”

MCE Degree

In 2019, Joe earned a Masters of Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources at Norwich University, Vermont. He also received the Outstanding Student Award of the MCE Program Environmental Engineering Concentration. In 2016 he completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree at the University of Delaware.