Head of Environmental Sciences/GIS and Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor
Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz
Amy Nazdrowicz

Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz

Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz  is a professional environmental scientist, associate and head of the Environmental Sciences Department. She has over 17 years of experience specializing in wetland creation and mitigation design, selection of native plants, monitoring of the plant, wildlife, and hydrologic conditions of created wetlands, habitat assessments, and conducting rare, threatened and endangered (RTE) wildlife studies, including Bog Turtle Investigations.

Amy is certified in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania as a Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor  to lead Phases I-III Bog Turtle Investigations, construction monitoring, and can utilize radio-telemetry when appropriate. She works closely with state and federal regulatory agencies on a regular basis during all phases of the wetland permitting and wetland mitigation approval processes. Amy frequently testifies and/or presents at county land use hearings. She performs these services for inhouse clients and also as requested by other engineering companies.

Amy earned a Master of Science in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Delaware, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Forest Biology from S.U.N.Y. Environmental Science and Forestry. She is respected as an expert on evaluating the effects of wetland amendments on the biodiversity of constructed wetlands, and her research has been published in Biological Conservation (2008) and in Restoration Ecology (Nov. 2010). She has conducted a number of professional scientific seminars and environmental educational programs on topics including wetland creation, wetland diversity, native plants, landscape ecology, and herpetology.

Amy is an avid volunteer with the Delaware Nature Society where she is certified as a Habitat Steward to assist people, businesses and organizations in attaining “Gardening for Wildlife and Water” certification, and assists with other programs including the Marshes and Monarch Celebration and Native Plant Sale. She is an experienced researcher for the UD Salamander Population Monitoring Project and Delaware Amphibian Monitoring Program (DAMP); is an environmental educator for several programs, including DelNature Summer Camp for herpetology; and was an active member of the Delaware Adopt-A-Wetland Program for many years until it ended in 2014. Amy resides in Newark, Delaware with her spouse, Brent Sulecki.

“I love my job because it’s the perfect blend of science, management, problem-solving, and creativity. It is never boring, sometimes challenging and always rewarding!”

Amy (Alsfeld) Nazdrowicz

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