CANgineering: Food Bank DE Farm

Landmark Staff built the 3d Model of the FBD Farm

CANgineering logoCANgineering to Feed the Hungry!

When Landmark’s President, Ted Williams, asked for suggestions for a good service project, staff came up with the idea of entering the Food Bank of Delaware’s annual “CANgineering” competition. This would involve teamwork, planning, engineering, collecting needed food products, conducting a food drive, building the project, and helping with public awareness of food insecurity in our communities and the efforts by the Food Bank of Delaware and its volunteers to help fight hunger.

3D Model of the Food Bank’s Newark Farm:

3D model of Food Bank Farm built with cans
Landmark staff built a 3D model of the entire Food Bank of Delaware’s Newark facility and Farm

Staff built an amazingly-detailed, 3D replica of the Food Bank of Delaware’s Newark warehouse/operations facility and farm using only cans, packets and boxes of non-perishable foods.

This is a site staff are intimately familiar with since Landmark was the site engineer for the farm and facility expansions and staff have spent hours volunteering there.

The 3D farm model includes the Pole Barn, Farmstand, Greenhouse/High Tunnels, Row Crops and Gardens, Gazebo and a Tractor. The site is complete with the warehouse building, sidewalks,  roadway, loading docks, grass and mulch cover, trees, and a large stormwater pond – all fully graded and stocked with “blue” tuna and site signage.

Best in Show Poster at Christiana Mall
Landmark’s “Best in Show” Poster displayed at Christiana Mall

You can visit the actual facility at 222 Lake Drive in Pencader Corporate Commons, Newark, where volunteers, donations, and farmstand purchases are welcomed.

And the Winner is…

We are happy to announce that Landmark’s build tied for BEST IN SHOW! Staff delivered 777 pounds of food to the Food Bank of Delaware Newark Campus as a result of this build. Click here to see all entries on FBD’s Facebook page.

Our Inspiration for the Build:

FBD Farm Concept Plan
(above) Landmark’s Concept Plan for the creation of the Food Bank’s Newark Farm. Photostrip shows Landmark staff volunteering at the farm.
Photos of the Actual Food Bank Farm in Newark
(above) Photos from the actual Food Bank of Delaware Campus in Newark. Photostrip shows our efforts in Planning-Brainstorming-Food Drive-Invoiving the Pubilc-Building.


tuna fish, peanut butter, applesauce, canned meals, soups and vegetables

Warehouse Building – 155 cans of garbanzo beans, Spaghetti O’s, and vegetables
Warehouse Interior Structure – 100 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese
Building Roof – 70 boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix
Roadway – 112 cans of tuna fish
Stormwater Pond – 91 tuna fish packets and 24 bottles of blue Gatorade
Sidewalks and pond sidewalls – 27 spaghetti boxes
Grass cover – 75 applesauce 6-packs
Mulch/dirt cover – 44 packs of oatmeal
Tree trunks – 15 jars of peanut butter
Tree tops – 18 green soup cups

Pole Barn, Farmstand & Gazebo – 54 cans of Hormel Chili, tomato sauce and Campbell’s Soup
Greenhouse/high tunnels – 5 mashed potato 4-packs
Row Crops – 15 cans of spinach, corn and green beans
Grain Bin/Silo – 2 cans of oatmeal
Farm Tractor – 9 boxes, cans, jar

Check Out the Details of our Build

Food Bank Farm - Tractor and Loading Docks
Tractor (front) and Farmstand (rear)
Food Bank Farm - Row Crops & High Tunnels
Vegetable Row Crop, Greenhouse/High Tunnels, Gazebo, Pole Barn and rear Loading Docks along the back of the building
222 Lake Drive sign
Food Bank Delaware’s 222 Lake Drive Entry Sign in Pencader Corporate Commons
Food Bank Pond - stocked with BLUE TUNA
Graded Stormwater Pond stocked with 91 “blue tuna” packets, 24 blue Gatorade, 17 spaghetti boxes and grass sidewalls.
Food Bank Farm - trees
Can you find the Forest for the Trees amongst the grass cover?

Public Involvement

Food Drive for the Food Bank Delaware
A Food Drive was held. Thanks to all of the tenants in 200 Continental Drive and others who donated!
Mrs. Middletown Delivers to Food Drive
Landmark’s Nina Hinton stands with Mrs. Middletown and her children with donations for our Food Drive
Children bring Applesauce for food drive
Delaware’s 2023 Miss Outstanding Kid and Cinderella Tiny Tot are happy to help
Children put crowning touch on the CANgineering project
Crowning touches are put in place by Del. 2023 Miss Outstanding Kid and Cinderella Tiny Tot.
An Outstaning Middletown Family Helps
This outstanding Middletown family, in all their Crowning Glory, came out to help feed the hungry! KUDOS!
Mrs. Delaware and Family Donate to FBD
Mrs. Delaware and family donated to our Food Drive
Mrs. Delaware and child - here to help
It’s never too young to involve children in the selfless act of giving.
Mrs. Delaware fills the FBD building with food
Mrs. Delaware helped us fill the inside of the warehouse building with food donations.
Janet and Nina at Food Bank of Delaware Newark Campsu
Janet and Nina arrive at the Newark Campus to arrange for Drop Off.
Aidan and Doug offloading food to the FBD
Landmark staff Aidan Hill and Doug Seavey deliver food collected to FBD.
777 lbs. of food for FBD
Delivery of 777 lbs. of non-perishable foods complete. Thanks to Nina, Aidan and Doug – and all of Landmark’s principals and staff. WHAT A GREAT TEAMBUILDING PROJECT.