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Traffic, Transportation, Bike-Ped

Landmark Science & Engineering has been designing roadways and intersection improvements both for private development and directly for the Delaware Department of Transportation, as prime consultant and as subconsultant, since the firm's inception.

Since 1987, we have performed planning and design for millions of dollars worth of road and intersection improvements, pedestrian improvements and creation of bikeways and greenways. Concurrently, we have been designing similar components for our many commercial, residential, and institutional projects.

Our Sciences staff have been providing wetland mitigation design, construction oversight and monitoring, and conducting wildlife and plant studies as a subconsultant for numerous road and bridge projects since 1990.

An overview of our services include:

See our one-page Transportation Engineering / Traffic Impact Services sheet

Route 1 Wetlands Creation

Delaware Route 1 Wetlands Creation

Cauffiel Connector at Bellevue Park

Cauffiel Connector: Gov. Printz-Phila. Pike

Boots and Plans