Stream Creation/Restoration Project

Permitting and Agency Processing

Landmark Science & Engineering has a proven success record in shepherding projects through the approval and permitting process at local, state and federal regulatory agency levels.

We can also process Environmental Permits, such as:
Air, Coastal Zone, Wetlands, and NPDES permits.

Our staff has strong relationships with agency personnel, and we have a solid record of assiting our clients in preparing responsive and effective studies, design, and environmental permitting assistance. We have extensive knowlege and understanding of all codes and regulations and the Site/Record Plan approval and Certificate of Occupancy process.

Landmark's staff is skilled in integrating engineering and sciences to enhance project value. We offer a unique combination of engineers, environmental scientists, and survey and biology field staff, bringing a wealth of experience, from the planning and design phases, through approval and permitting, to construction and post-construction phases.

Landmark staff reviews plans on site

Meet with Regulatory Agency Staff

Site reviews with agency personnel

On-site Reviews with Agency Staff

Wetlands Permitting

Wetlands Permitting