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Bog Turtle Investigations
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When owners and developers with an important project are informed they will need a Bog Turtle Investigation or another RTE study, they call Landmark Science & Engineering. Download our Environmental Services Brochure

Our staff leads and conducts Bog Turtle Investigations (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Monitoring) in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

WHO: Amy Nazdrowicz is an environmental scientist with a Masters Degree in Wildlife Ecology and is certified as a "Recognized Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor" in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania to lead the investigations needed to keep your project on schedule.

WHAT: The Bog Turtle is a small, wetland-inhabiting turtle that is federally listed as "threatened" through the U.S. Endangered Species Act and the State of Maryland, and is listed as "endangered" by the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

WHEN: Unique planning challenges are presented by Bog Turtles because their secretive nature and seasonal activeness restricts the time of year that the Phase II Bog Turtle survey can be executed to just April 15 through June 15. The Phase I surveys can be completed any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen or snow covered.

CONTACT: Amy Nazdrowicz  |  (302) 323-9377 ext. 145  |  Email

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Bog Turtle Investigations Postcard

Bog Turtle Investigations Postcard

Amy Nazdrowicz, Certified in DE-MD-PA

Amy Nazdrowicz, Certified BT Surveyor
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania


A rare, threatened & endangered BT